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Lyric of the Day: 王力宏, 陳宇任 (Wang Leehom, Chen Yu Ren)

多麼想幻化成為你腳下的泥 / How I want to change into the soil beneath your feet
至少我們會仰望同一片天空 / At least we both look up in hope at the same sky

-Wang Leehom, 心中的日月 (Sun and Moon in My Heart, Xin Zhong De Ri Yue): chorus, verse two

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Music Parallels: Criss vs. Wang

The thought struck me today, Darren Criss reminds me of Wang Leehom. Musical in that adroit way, boyishly handsome, a little hippy-oriented, partial to string instruments and a penchant for jazzy things. The above videos provide some piano video comparison.

Anyone else pick up on the vibe I’m getting?

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