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A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down

I recently started a full-time day job, leaving less time for updates and posting on the blog. The job is not exactly enjoyable, which further contributes to the don’t-want-to-do-anything feeling when I get home.

I appreciate do one thing, though, which is that it definitely helps me relate to that feeling of loathing the forced drudgery of an everyday job, and in turn that spurs me in the direction of more emotional music. Yesterday, I randomly but keenly felt like I needed a dose of some Asian tunes.

Usually Asian music is more melodic and unabashedly romantic – if you’re not feeling as positively about it, you might think of it as sentimental, cliche or maudlin. But there are days when everything seems dry, wearied, even bitter. During those times, I often find the surges of emotionally-charged melody rife in Korean (and sometimes Taiwanese,though in a different way) music especially cathartic.

I’m listening to Korean music during my lunch break, and it’s also making me miss South Korea… Oh, Fulbright year, 돌아와줘!

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