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Feeling This: Baby Soul’s “남보다못한사이” feat. Wheesung

I’m a sucker for soul-influenced music and power ballads. And I love it when pop goes big and dramatic and tragic. K-pop music has the ability to do some of that really well, and so it’s no surprise that I’m feeling Baby Soul’s debut song, 남보다못한사이/Stranger.

It’s a high-tension R&B style track that shows off the emotion in Baby Soul’s vocals really well. I haven’t heard much by her before, and I actually wish they had left the song without the Wheesung features. He’s a great singer, but he seems out of place here. I find that his vocals interrupt the song and weigh it down.

I would love more soul singers like this to come out. K-pop has some great female soul singers, and I wish they would all get together and do a collaboration. I could see it really putting them in the forefront. Gumi, Navi, Lim Jeong Hee, Baby Soul…

Anyway, here’s a translation of the lyrics. And try and watch the MV to the end, I thought the ending shot was pretty well done.

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