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Lyric of the Day: 周杰倫 (Zhou Jie Lun)

人們的汗水夾雜著滿足與歡喜 / The people’s mixture of sweat, fulfilment and celebration
是我現在最捨不得的畫面 / Is the image that I am most afraid to lose…

-Jay Chou, 梯田 (Rice Fields, Ti Tian) : second verse

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Lyric of the Day: Zhou Jie Lun (周杰倫)

故事的小黃花 / the small yellow flower from the story
从出生那年就飘着/ has been drifting since the day it was born

ㄖㄨㄟ ㄙㄡ ㄙㄡ ㄒ一 ㄉㄡ ㄒ一 / re so so ti do ti
ㄌㄚ ㄙㄡ ㄌㄚ ㄒ一 ㄒ一 ㄒ一 ㄒ一 ㄌㄚ ㄒ一 ㄌㄚ ㄙㄡ/ la so la ti ti ti ti la ti la so

從前從前  有個人愛你很久 / Long, long ago, there was someone who loved you for a long time

-Jay Chou, 晴天 (Clear Day) / interlude, chorus

It’s a sad day for Taiwan… Let’s all listen to a little Jay and hope that artistic liberties and freedom of speech will be allowed to continue. Grr.

One of Jay’s best songs, hands down. In words and music, an unbeatable mix of poetic + unassuming + charming + nostalgic. No wonder it’s one of his most heavily covered songs. Cute MV as well, though you might want to ignore the cello-in-the-rain part.

Back to Taiwan in regards to the Chinese language – I’m glad we’re still on traditional characters, even if we have moved to the pinyin system. I don’t mind pinyin romanization at all; it’s super convenient for international learners and with the English-based keyboard. It’s just that the “bopomofo” alphabet (symbols in the middle two lines of excerpted lyrics) is a lot more innate to the language. I learned “bopomofo” when I was a kid, and the way the sounds fit together through that system actually helped me navigate some of the weird parts of pinyin.

Anyway, a lot of the lyrics I find online are in simplified Chinese though, so I’ve resorted to using this handy dandy converter.

Translated lyrics here.


Lyric of the Day: 周杰伦, 徐若瑄 (Zhou Jie Lun, Xu Ruo Xuan)

我想帶妳 / I want to take you
回我的外婆家 / to my grandma’s home
一起 看著日落 / Watch the sunset together
一直到我們都睡著 / Until we fall asleep

-Jay Chou, 簡單愛 (Simple Love, Jian Dan Ai) / first chorus

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Lyric of the Day: 周杰伦, 徐若瑄 (Zhou Jie Lun, Xu Ruo Xuan)

愛像一陣風 / love is like a gust of wind
吹完它就走 / as soon as it blows, it goes
這樣的節奏 / this kind of rhythm
誰都無可奈何 / would leave anyone helpless

-Jay Chou, 龍卷風 (Tornado, Long Juan Feng)

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Lyric of the Day: 周杰倫 (Zhou Jie Lun)

如果要走 / If wanting to leave
請妳記得我 / please remember me

如果難過 / If painful
請妳忘了我 / please forget me

-Jay Chou, 藉口 (Excuse, Jie K0u) : chorus

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Lyric of the Day: 周杰倫, 方文山 (Zhou Jie Lun, Fang Wen Shan)

我送妳離開 / I give you to leaving
天涯之外 / Beyond the edges of the sky
妳是否還在 / Are you still here or not?

-Jay Chou, 千里之外 (Thousand Miles Away, Qian Li Zhi Wai) : chorus

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Lyric of the Day: Zhou Jie Lun, Zeng Yu Ting (周杰倫, 曾郁婷)

靜靜看守這份愛 / Silently guarding this piece of love
知道不能太以來 / Knowing (I) can’t be too dependent

-Jay Chou, 妳聽得到 (You Can Hear It, Ni Ting De Dao) : chorus

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Back to Jay: Reviewing 2011 Release, “Mine Mine”

So Jay Chou decided to get in some super savvy points, releasing his 11th album on the 11th of this month (while neighbors in fellow East Asian countries were likely having a ball with Pocky/Peppero Day’s of epic proportions!). Here’s one of the tracks, Mine Mine:

Regarding music, Jay’s one of my old favorites since I got into him in high school; I always tend to like his songs. He’s a proficient pianist and composer, completing all the writing and arrangement of his music, and when he writes lyrics I often find them interesting and touching even in their relative simplicity (Jay’s longtime co-writer, lyricist Vincent Fang, is widely known for his crafted, poetic lyrics). With that control over his music, all of his songs seem to bear a stamp of his style, and I can usually identify a new song as his just from listening.

Maybe that’s why though I like his work, nothing from him has excited me very much since his fourth album. It’s not that I feel he needs to change or reinvent himself – it’s more that I feel like he’s gotten complacent being Mandopop’s reigning king for so long. In my opinion, that lack of being challenged and pushing himself reflects in the music. So, this new song still doesn’t make me super excited, but it’s okay. It would be pleasant enough if he hadn’t stuck in those mine mine’s and bye bye’s in.

However, after a year in Korea, there are some very refreshing aspects of this music video and song. Read the rest of this entry

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