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lyric of the day: Bryan Cox, Jermaine Dupri & Johnta Austin

he still got love in his eyes,
and i still got love in my soul

-Tamia, Still : first verse

Love every pickup before the chorus. This song contains the word “still” at least 30 times, but I still have it on repeat.

Check out songwriting credits using ASCAPSESAC or BMI. (Chances are it’s in one of them. ;)

[Re-Up] Crash Course on K-pop Boy Bands, Part 1

Re-posting Part 1 of my Boy Bands Playlist written for, in preparation for the upcoming Part 2. Click on the image below to access:

This Weekend – Pentaport Rock Festival!

Thanks to my amazing advisor, Hyunjoon Shin (for those who can read it, his Korean language music webzine, weiv, is worth checking out) I’ll be attending the Pentaport Rock Festival in Incheon this weekend! It set off yesterday on Friday with a big-name line up and “hip hop” focus, part of a promotional event for the 2011 World Championship Games, sponsored by  Toyota. It continues for two more days, so I’ll be catching the tail end of the second day tonight, and most of the final day, Sunday.

I’m really excited. It was one of my goals before coming here to attend one of Korea’s crazy summer music concerts, and it’s actually coming true! Aside from the relative expense of tickets, I got caught up in a deluge of research and deadlines which left me with little thought for social events. I’m really not the party type either, so I may regret the disrespectful crowds and noise and cancer smoke very soon, and a little worried about night transportation back and possibly missing church tomorrow… but for now I’ll just bring my bible and a change of clothes! I’m pumped up to go out and see it all!

Further information for those more interested in going, what Pentaport is, or the history of music festivals in Korea, read on.

Official site: Pentaport Rock (available in English & Japanese, but Mac users beware!)
Background info.: Hiexpat (great article on the history and what to expect)
Best link resource: Ripcity

One year, down to eight months

It’s already 2011, and one-third of the time I have here in Seoul, South Korea has disappeared with nary a poof. With the turn of the new year, I’m (re)determined to make out those resolutions, (re)focus my line of sight and (re)instate some structure in my life!

songprints is for me to leave a trail of my music-related work and thoughts while in Korea, of course for those who want to follow along, but even more so for me to be able to define what I’ve done so far and track my progress. Now to get to those songs and translations!

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