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[SiC] R&B Lady Tamia’s Country-Produced Song, “Still”

Though I love the availability and convenience, I wish Spotify gave more credit and cut to the artists / content creators. That earlier stat on how much Lady Gaga got from Spotify plays was just ridiculous.

They do give great publicity though. A most pleasant discovery was getting to hear Tamia’s new album, Beautiful Surprise. It’s just such a solid, melodically catchy album, a nice respite of sparkling R&B that stands strong in today’s electrodance landscape.

With a quick bout of googly research, I’m happy to see that she’s been getting positive reviews. The Washington Post gushed about her and the NY Times review was more critical but supportive.

My current favorite track is the last song off the album, “Still“:

Other favorites: Because of YouLose My Mind.

To read more about the issues regarding Spotify, you can try these articles:

The verdict isn’t out, but what’s out there is enough to make me leery and consider abstaining. :/

New John Mayer Single: “Shadow Days” Sample

Can I just say that I am sooo incredibly excited?! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this stuff forever. I think it sounds so good, and it’s kind of amazing how the vocals just sound so honest. Either substantial personal growth or amazing producer. Or a decent mix of both??

You can get a one-minute taste at the source:

ONE FORTY PLUS • Here’s a clip of the first single off Born and….

[K/R/T] Seo Taiji & Boys // I Know ((서태지 와 아이들 // 난 알아요)

Lyrics and translation for the classic Seo Taiji & Boys hit, I Know (1992, Album Title I Know):


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Lyric of the Day: Taylor Swift

And life makes love look hard

-Taylor Swift, Ours : chorus

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Lyric of the Day: Isaac Slade, Joe King

We’re on an open bed truck on the highway
Rain is coming down and we’re on the run
Think I can feel the breath in your body

-The Fray, Heartbeat : first verse

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Feeling This: Baby Soul’s “남보다못한사이” feat. Wheesung

I’m a sucker for soul-influenced music and power ballads. And I love it when pop goes big and dramatic and tragic. K-pop music has the ability to do some of that really well, and so it’s no surprise that I’m feeling Baby Soul’s debut song, 남보다못한사이/Stranger.

It’s a high-tension R&B style track that shows off the emotion in Baby Soul’s vocals really well. I haven’t heard much by her before, and I actually wish they had left the song without the Wheesung features. He’s a great singer, but he seems out of place here. I find that his vocals interrupt the song and weigh it down.

I would love more soul singers like this to come out. K-pop has some great female soul singers, and I wish they would all get together and do a collaboration. I could see it really putting them in the forefront. Gumi, Navi, Lim Jeong Hee, Baby Soul…

Anyway, here’s a translation of the lyrics. And try and watch the MV to the end, I thought the ending shot was pretty well done.

Song 1: 어머님께 / To Mother

To Mother

Release Date: December 1998-January 1999
Sung by: 지오디 / g.o.d

박진영/ Park Jin Young
Lyricist: 박진영/ Park Jin Young
Based off: Unnamed 2pac song (As mentioned here and credited here.

Lyrics (Korean 한글, Romanization, Translation):

[MV dialogue] “어머니..보고싶어요..”
“Eomeoni… Bogosipeoyo…”
“Mother… I miss you…”

Verse 1
(데니) 어려서부터 우리집은 가난했었고
(Danny) eoryeoseo-buteo uri jibeun ganan-haesseotgo
Since I was young, our family was poor
남들 다하는 외식 몇 번 한적이 없었고
namdeul dahaneun oesik myeot beon hanjeoki eopseotgo
The eating out that everyone else did, we hardly ever did
일터에 나가신 어머니 집에 없으면
ilteo-ae nagasin eomeoni jibae eopseumyeon
If my mom who went out to work wasn’t home
언제나 혼자서 끓여먹었던 라면
eonjena honjaseo kkeurhyeo-meogeotdeon ramyeon
I always boiled and ate instant noodles alone
그러다 라면이 너무 지겨워서
geureoda ramyeoni neomu jigyeoweoseo
From doing that, I got so sick of ramen
맛있는 것 좀 먹자고 대들었었어
masitneun geot jom meokjago daedeureosseo-sseo
“Let’s eat something good,” I’d talk back to my mom
그러자 어머님이 마지못해 꺼내신
숨겨두신 비상금으로 시켜주신
자장면 하나에 너무나 행복했었어
하지만 어머님은 왠지 드시질 않았어
어머님은 자장면이 싫다고 하셨어
어머님은 자장면이 싫다고 하셨어

Daum, Naver music source
Alternative Translation: 

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