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Lyric of the Day: Sarah McLachlan, Séamus Egan, Dave Merenda

I’m so afraid to love you
but more afraid to lose

-Sarah McLachlan, I Will Remember You : verse 3

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[FFT] Quotes on Culture and Consumption

For cultural copying, almost by definition, ends up sanding off the rough and surprising edges of any cultural good it appropriates.

[To] not derive their identity from what they consume but what they create.

-from Culture Making by Andy Crouch

Barbra on performance

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to run into random performers while out and about in Seoul. One not-yet-debuted group while jogging along the Han River, and another while walking with my small group girls around Nami Island. Neither are super big in terms of fame or following, but I exchanged business cards with the managers and got a word in about a possible interview later on. I’ve also mentioned and asked the leader of a fairly established local indie band for an interview as well.

As I’m thinking about what questions to ask, ideas of performance definitely come into play. Here’s an excerpt from an Oprah interview with Barbra Streisand (emphasis added by me):

O: In the coming months, what are you looking forward to?

B: On tour I want to be in the moment and really appreciate the love that’s given to me. During my last tour, when I kicked off my shoes and said whatever I wanted, I actually enjoyed myself. Performing is not about perfection. I could never perform live if it were. For me, it’s about raising the money to do good in the world. It’s about self-acceptance. It’s about believing that I am enough.
O Talks Collection, October 2006

For a singing legend who also has an almost notorious reputation as a perfectionist and well knows it, those baldfaced words seem just as much a revelation as a simple remark. I think for someone who’s had a gap of almost three decades between public concerts, that admittance on live performance has taken quite a journey to not only realize but come to terms with.

Anyway, compiling a list of interview questions, finding a dependable interpreter partner. Those are part of my tasks for this week!

Craving time?


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Living in the present is […] nearly impossible in a modern city, which always hungers for the future and eats the past.

-The Recording Angel, pg. 36

Silence in the city

The city is no place for listening to records. Half the time one has to use them as shields against other people’s sounds. Music becomes a substitute for silence.

The Recording Angel, pg. 36

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