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lyric of the day: Bryan Cox, Jermaine Dupri & Johnta Austin

he still got love in his eyes,
and i still got love in my soul

-Tamia, Still : first verse

Love every pickup before the chorus. This song contains the word “still” at least 30 times, but I still have it on repeat.

Check out songwriting credits using ASCAPSESAC or BMI. (Chances are it’s in one of them. ;)

[SiC] R&B Lady Tamia’s Country-Produced Song, “Still”

Though I love the availability and convenience, I wish Spotify gave more credit and cut to the artists / content creators. That earlier stat on how much Lady Gaga got from Spotify plays was just ridiculous.

They do give great publicity though. A most pleasant discovery was getting to hear Tamia’s new album, Beautiful Surprise. It’s just such a solid, melodically catchy album, a nice respite of sparkling R&B that stands strong in today’s electrodance landscape.

With a quick bout of googly research, I’m happy to see that she’s been getting positive reviews. The Washington Post gushed about her and the NY Times review was more critical but supportive.

My current favorite track is the last song off the album, “Still“:

Other favorites: Because of YouLose My Mind.

To read more about the issues regarding Spotify, you can try these articles:

The verdict isn’t out, but what’s out there is enough to make me leery and consider abstaining. :/

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