[Review] A Few Critical Thoughts on Xia Junsu’s “Uncommitted”

AUGH. It’s so cheesy. SO CHEESY!!!

Honestly, sometimes I think K-pop companies need to hire me (or at least someone like me :X) as a consultant for their English-oriented productions.

The above video is a 43-second teaser for  Xia Junsu of JYJ’s new English-language song, Uncommitted. And here are the issues I have with it:

     1. Please, STOP PICKING words in English that are hard for Korean speakers to pronounce. Especially as the repeated title of the song. See mangled autotune pronunciation at 0:20.

     2. Ending shot where the couple is standing side-face to side-face – the expressions don’t match. His should be a lot more serious and smouldering to match her lost one and the muted vibe of the cinematography.

     3. Please find someone who writes well professionally for your YouTube channel. You’re setting up how people will understand your entertainer here. Current fans might not care, but any potential new audience you’re hoping to score with will.

     4. I’m probably reading too much into it at this point, but it’s starting to bother me that a lot of female figures in male K-pop music videos are non-Asian, usually white. It seems to play into the whole non-Asian superiority/beauty complex undercurrent.

It seems that something always gets skewed when Asian pop stars try to tailor things for the Western market – anyone remember the fiasco that was BoA’s original “Eat You Up” MV for America? Their production values are obviously high, but the companies often take things and run in the wrong direction.

I know I’m taking a pretty critical stance (and that I may sound like a snob), but I always do for these Asia-into-English forays. It’s because the general American audience is much less forgiving when you’re not in your native tongue, plus the fact that I know these entertainers could do a lot better if they actually had some grounded perspective from a non-insider/related-Korean person.

Bottom line: Less yes-men and strangely biased audience predictions, more honest feedback from the internationally minded of good taste. Holler if you know what I’m sayin’.

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  1. well,the black haired girl is a korean-rumanian model. at least she doesn’t count as pur caucasian girl right?
    and i’m quite forgivable for this. why? at least the girls are shorter than junsu, and look compatible with junsu’s asian feature. so they matchs.

    for the english,haha i have to agree with you. from the teaser, i have to cringe when hear him sing. i thought it was latin lyrics LOL. i heard it as “un-com-me-re”. i was like O.o
    junsu was actually the last member or jyj that i think will go fully international. hehe..

    but give him a chance. i listen to the full song yesterday, i was taken a back that i actually understand 80% if what he sang. that was…so much improvement since the beginning album.
    by around 10 times LOL i listen the song in row, i got 97% already.

    so yes, by this, i’m looking forward JYJ 2nd worldwide album. they sound so promising already ^^

    • hahaha, i still have issues with the girls just because it’s going for something “exotic.” i’m all for racial diversity, but it just gives me a weird feeling when there’s an agenda behind it. and i doubt they’d cast girls taller than junsu ever haha, so that’s not really any points in my book XD but i agree, after watching the mv and hearing the whole song, it was better than i thought. accent still bad, but whoever wrote it didn’t do a bad job, and the mv kind of made more sense.

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