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[WS] Footage of SNSD on David Letterman

As mentioned before, SNSD/Girl’s Generation made an entry into American media Tuesday night with a performance of “The Boys” on one of America’s big late night shows, David Letterman. My earlier post announced their initial U.S. television appearances, in addition to sharing my thoughts on how I thought the group would fare and what it takes for an overseas Asian group or artist to make it in America.

To comment on their performance: It was a great opportunity for them, but personally, something about it just seemed so out of place. Maybe it islack of precedence of Asian pop in America, maybe it’s also the awkward gait of the song… I felt like it went on so long! But anyway, all nine girls performed very professionally (though kind of surprised Tiffany, as one of the Asian Americans, didn’t get more camera time), and I thought it was cute how some members bowed at the end (a Korean mannerism of courtesy). What do you think?
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