Lyric of the Day: Sarah McLachlan, Séamus Egan, Dave Merenda

I’m so afraid to love you
but more afraid to lose

-Sarah McLachlan, I Will Remember You : verse 3

First, *** Huzzah for the 75th post!!! ***
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Now back to the LOTD…

One of my favorites; I absolutely adore this song.

It’s a great song, poignant, lulling, sweet, lightly haunting. The first two lines of the chorus showcase simple songwriting at its best. I will remember you / Will you remember me?

“I Will Remember You” is also one of the first songs, if not the first song, that awakened me to the greatness of pop music. I still remember where I was, the room I was in and the floor I was sitting on, when I first heard this song. The live version was the backing track for my 6th graduation slideshow, and we watched it on the tough carpet floor of our elementary school gym. No surprise, Mirrorball, McLachlan’s 1999 live album, was one of my first albums, and I’m proud to own it. She’s an incredible live performer, and I think the album is one of her best.

The link above leads to the original track, which is a little more sedate and understated. Here is the live version I’m most familiar with:


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