Lyric of the Day: 王力宏, 陳宇任 (Wang Leehom, Chen Yu Ren)

多麼想幻化成為你腳下的泥 / How I want to change into the soil beneath your feet
至少我們會仰望同一片天空 / At least we both look up in hope at the same sky

-Wang Leehom, 心中的日月 (Sun and Moon in My Heart, Xin Zhong De Ri Yue): chorus, verse two

A milestone song from the other pop prince of Taiwan, the American-born Chinese Mr. Leehom Wang.

I was at a Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner last night, and it was a little sobering to hear how Taiwan is “lost.” I guess it’s always had a submerged presence in the international world, and many people doubt if the nation will ever be something recognized as its own now. It’s hard enough when its native people aren’t even sure…

Despite the results of the recent elections, I’ll always hope for Taiwan’s independence and continued freedoms.

Happy New Year of the Dragon to all!



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