Lyric of the Day: 周杰伦, 徐若瑄 (Zhou Jie Lun, Xu Ruo Xuan)

愛像一陣風 / love is like a gust of wind
吹完它就走 / as soon as it blows, it goes
這樣的節奏 / this kind of rhythm
誰都無可奈何 / would leave anyone helpless

-Jay Chou, 龍卷風 (Tornado, Long Juan Feng)

Finally, something from the first album! Wow, this was released over a decade ago in 2000, the year after the Backstreet Boys’ Millenium album. As seen in the MV, Jay was so young and so thin! He also happened to have a perm and wore baseball caps all the time.

Perm. Hats are in nearly all the early MVs.

Before he became the biggest unprecedented thing in Mandopop, Jay Chou was a poor boy who slept on the couches of the studios where he did his songwriting. Gathering his castoff songs and convincing the company to let him sing them himself, then release the album, Jay managed to capture the hearts of his audience with his musical quirks – emotional vocals and mumbly singing style. They probably go hand in hand.

Anyway, I think those “signature” traits have lessened over time, even if my mother would disagree (she still doesn’t understand a word he says and argues that he can’t sing worth a dime). Whatever. Let me watch this wonderfully low-budget MV and reminisce.

Full lyrics and translations here and here.

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