Lyric of the Day: 周杰倫, 方文山 (Zhou Jie Lun, Fang Wen Shan)

我送妳離開 / I give you to leaving
天涯之外 / Beyond the edges of the sky
妳是否還在 / Are you still here or not?

-Jay Chou, 千里之外 (Thousand Miles Away, Qian Li Zhi Wai) : chorus

This was a great “comeback” song for Jay. When I first heard the song, I thought his vocals sound like they improved, but maybe he just stepped it up to match longtime balladeer Fei Yu Ching’s coming in with the melodious chorus. And the bells, the combination of piano and flute, then the erhu later on–the instrumentation in this track is irresistable.

If you want to look at this song’s lyrics further, you can try this page or this one. Longer ful MV here.

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