Lyric of the Day: Zhou Jie Lun, Zeng Yu Ting (周杰倫, 曾郁婷)

靜靜看守這份愛 / Silently guarding this piece of love
知道不能太以來 / Knowing (I) can’t be too dependent

-Jay Chou, 妳聽得到 (You Can Hear It, Ni Ting De Dao) : chorus

50th post, so I’m going on a Jay spree! Ah, Jay Chou/周杰倫, my first musical inspiration–discovered in high school, nothing was quite the same after him. He made me want to learn Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, how to play the erhu, get better at piano, and a million other musical things. It all culminated in one very crazy Christmas-present concert that I must remember to tuck into the files marked “Days of My Youth.”

Every Jay album has at least one gem. The album that contains this song, 葉惠美 (Ye Hui Mei), is named after his mother and is his fourth album. It’s also one of Jay’s best and has a number of amazing songs, so you’ll likely be seeing another one from it before the week is out.

I’m sad that is gone – they had the best lyric archive and translations, and some of the most comprehensive, longstanding and reliable archives. If you want to look at this song’s lyrics further, you can try this page. Official music video with subtitles here.

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