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Have You Seen My Face? The K-pop Fangirl Meme

Memes are out and about blazing across the internet. I found an image of the K-pop fangirl when searching for pictures for a presentation last year, but I didn’t know there was a whole site category dedicated to her.

Just a little taste: Presenting #85.

Fun to browse through, though a bunch appear to be written in Russian.

Anyway, I’m currently working on another playlist article for Seoulist. This one’s a bit long, so it’ll likely appear in two parts. Keep an eye out!

Lyric of the Day: John Ondrasik

It may sound absurd, but don’t be naive
Even heroes have the right to bleed
I may be disturbed, but won’t you concede
Even heroes have the right to dream

-Five For Fighting, Superman : chorus 2

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Bringing Singing Competition “The Voice” to Korea!

They’re bringing the singing competition show, The Voice, to Korea!

Kangta is appearing on Mnet’sThe Voice of Korea” as one of the coaches, along with singers Shin Seung Hoon, Baek Ji Young, and Leessang’s Gil. […]

“The Voice of Korea” is the officially licensed Korean version of music survival program “The Voice.” “The Voice” is originally from Holland and aired as “The Voice of Holland” on September 17, 2010. Mnet’s “The Voice of Korea” will air its pilot episode on on February 10 at 11PM KST.

via Soompi’s Kangta Wishes to Make 2nd Generation H.O.T..

I was first introduced to The Voice last summer, when I was still in Korea, watching it through Hulu as it aired in the U.S. under NBC. I was hooked by the blind auditions phase and have proudly reeled in other friends to watch it as well. While in Korea, I told my apartmentmates about it, and just this past winter break I got a friend who was visiting me sucked in! Can’t wait until it restarts on Feb. 5th.

Now that I know there’s a Korean version coming out as well, I’ll be keeping my eye out for it. Korea has some really great singers, but it’s interesting that none of the chosen coaches are “really big” vocalists in terms of belting out or vocal aerobics.

Kangta’s a pop crooner, Shin Seung Hoon and Baek Ji Young are balladeers, and Gil is a rapper…

Well, it should be fun still! It’s always interesting to see the coaches’ style and abilities in drawing out the best in their teams. (Did you know Kangta has been a judge/mentor on a similar show before? There are some old clips where Junsu, formerly of TVXQ, and Eunhyuk of Super Junior auditioned and then placed on teams).

Kind of obnoxious that in the U.S., we get to call the show simply “The Voice,” whereas other places have to tack on their country name. I guess we did have the biggest judge lineup though. Personally, I enjoyed Ceelo and Blake.

Did any of you have a favorite coach?

Lyric of the Day: John Newton

The Lord has promised good to me
His word my hope secures
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures

Amazing Grace : fourth verse

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Lyric of the Day: Justin Nozuka

behind the rings on their fingers
imprints the ink deep in the inner
that has stained their souls together now
stained soul mates forever now

-Justin Nozuka, Save Him : verse one

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[WS] SNSD to be on Letterman; and, Thoughts on What It Takes to Succeed in the U.S. Market

SNSD to Appear on Two American TV Talk Shows Next Week

It’s been announced that SNSD will appear on two popular American TV talk shows next week. According to SM Entertainment, the girls will be on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS next Tuesday, January 31. The following day, SNSD will perform “The Boys” during their guest appearance on “Live! With Kelly!” on ABC.

A representative of SM Entertainment stated, “SNSD is the first Korean singers to guest star on a talk show on any major American broadcasting channels. We received several love calls from popular TV shows following the release of ‘The Boys’ special album on January 17.” Even without active promotions in the States, SNSD is gaining enormous popularity in America.

Credit: Soompi’s SNSD to Appear on Two American TV Talk Shows Next Week.

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Lyric of the Day: Otis Redding, Steve Cropper

Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun
I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ come
Watching the ships roll in
And then I watch ’em roll away again

-Otis Redding, (Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay : first verse

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Lyric of the Day: Edwin McCain

You’re my survival
You’re my living proof
My love is alive and not dead

-Edwin McCain, I’ll Be : chorus

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Lyric of the Day: 王力宏, 陳宇任 (Wang Leehom, Chen Yu Ren)

多麼想幻化成為你腳下的泥 / How I want to change into the soil beneath your feet
至少我們會仰望同一片天空 / At least we both look up in hope at the same sky

-Wang Leehom, 心中的日月 (Sun and Moon in My Heart, Xin Zhong De Ri Yue): chorus, verse two

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Lyric of the Day: Christina Aguilera, Samuel Dixon, Sia Furler

I am done, smoking gun
We’ve lost it all, the love is gone

-Christina Aguilera, You Lost Me : first verse

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