Lyric of the Day: 낭이, 범이 (Nangi, Beomi)

미칠 듯 숨이 막혀
Michil deut soomi makhyeo
Can’t breathe, suffocating, as if I ‘m crazy

– 허각 (Huh Gak), 죽고싶단 말 밖에 (Other Than the Words “I want to Die”) : verse 2

Lyrics-wise, this is a pretty standard Korean ballad (phrases of walking away, please, I love you, I’m waiting, etc.). It’s really the performance, then the melody and arrangement, that make this song. I do love this one line though; one I haven’t heard much before, and a lot of detail in few words. The way 허각 sings this whole verse is kind of incredible.

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