Lyric of the Day: Isaac Slade, Joe King

We’re on an open bed truck on the highway
Rain is coming down and we’re on the run
Think I can feel the breath in your body

-The Fray, Heartbeat : first verse

Starting a new segment, Lyric of the Day. Even if I don’t love a whole song or recording, there can still be bits and pieces that jump out at me and hook a little piece of my heart. That little flash that makes you do a double take, turn to take a second look. Title credits the songwriter and/or lyricist, while the line after the quoted lyric gives the performer and song. I’ve also included where the line appears, just for a sense of placement.

I actually love the whole vibe of Heartbeat – the song makes me want to run down a country highway, and when it gets to the chorus I feel we’re suddenly running in slow motion. The opening lines of the song are a great lead-in, painting that picture of freedom, fun and abandon.

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