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Feeling This: Baby Soul’s “남보다못한사이” feat. Wheesung

I’m a sucker for soul-influenced music and power ballads. And I love it when pop goes big and dramatic and tragic. K-pop music has the ability to do some of that really well, and so it’s no surprise that I’m feeling Baby Soul’s debut song, 남보다못한사이/Stranger.

It’s a high-tension R&B style track that shows off the emotion in Baby Soul’s vocals really well. I haven’t heard much by her before, and I actually wish they had left the song without the Wheesung features. He’s a great singer, but he seems out of place here. I find that his vocals interrupt the song and weigh it down.

I would love more soul singers like this to come out. K-pop has some great female soul singers, and I wish they would all get together and do a collaboration. I could see it really putting them in the forefront. Gumi, Navi, Lim Jeong Hee, Baby Soul…

Anyway, here’s a translation of the lyrics. And try and watch the MV to the end, I thought the ending shot was pretty well done.

Back to Jay: Reviewing 2011 Release, “Mine Mine”

So Jay Chou decided to get in some super savvy points, releasing his 11th album on the 11th of this month (while neighbors in fellow East Asian countries were likely having a ball with Pocky/Peppero Day’s of epic proportions!). Here’s one of the tracks, Mine Mine:

Regarding music, Jay’s one of my old favorites since I got into him in high school; I always tend to like his songs. He’s a proficient pianist and composer, completing all the writing and arrangement of his music, and when he writes lyrics I often find them interesting and touching even in their relative simplicity (Jay’s longtime co-writer, lyricist Vincent Fang, is widely known for his crafted, poetic lyrics). With that control over his music, all of his songs seem to bear a stamp of his style, and I can usually identify a new song as his just from listening.

Maybe that’s why though I like his work, nothing from him has excited me very much since his fourth album. It’s not that I feel he needs to change or reinvent himself – it’s more that I feel like he’s gotten complacent being Mandopop’s reigning king for so long. In my opinion, that lack of being challenged and pushing himself reflects in the music. So, this new song still doesn’t make me super excited, but it’s okay. It would be pleasant enough if he hadn’t stuck in those mine mine’s and bye bye’s in.

However, after a year in Korea, there are some very refreshing aspects of this music video and song. Read the rest of this entry

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