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[WS] WOW! From Seoul to São Paulo … and then back to Seoul

Wow! First of all, there’s a Kpop Cover Dance Festival! In Brazil! And it’s big enough to get coverage and visits from the Korean entertainers! And then they somehow got a deal to bring the finalists back over to Seoul!!! I mean it’s great publicity and interaction for both sides, but I’m just wondering how contact and set up all worked out!

MBLAQ Confirmed to Judge the KPOP Cover Dance Festival in Brazil

Photo Credit: Soompi

MBLAQ’s members will be the judges of the regional phase of Brazilian participants for the “KPOP Cover Dance Festival“, in Brazil. It will be an event carried out in São Paulo, on September 7th and in addition to judging the covers, they will also perform 3 or 4 songs.

The “KPOP Cover Dance Festival” is a world cover contest. The persons interested on participate just have to register and send their videos. The first stage consists on some voting online, then the groups are chosen by their videos and then they will go to the regional level. In this specific stage, the groups will be judged by famous choreographers, musicians, directors, etc. The ones who pass the regional stage will go to the final competition, in Korea.

Also, MBC and other korean broadcasters will be at the event and will interview the assistants. They are looking for people with interesting stories about Kpop, how they began to like K-Pop, with who do they enjoy it, or if K-Pop has played an important role in their lives.

Kpop Station will be the event organizer, they have contact with the Korean agencies and they confirmed by themselves that MBLAQ will be the main judges for the regional stage. Now we have to wait for MBLAQ’s official statement regarding the contest.
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