[WS] KBS on JYJ’s cancellation: “SNSD and f(x) would make a bigger impact for ‘N7W’ initiative”

Another update on JYJ, whose ardent fans, as well as various outspoken politicians and lawyers, have long been crying foul on the trio’s conspicuous absence from media coverage and domestic performance. Many fingers are pointed at SM Entertainment, Korea’s paradigm K-pop powerhouse and the company that formerly managed the group (originally five members) before the three members filed an injunction against their now-former company. Despite the justifications KBS has made, the things I find most suspect are the obvious replacement of former SM entertainers with still-in-SM groups, despite the fact that SNSD, the major act, has been most active in Japan the past year or so, and that JYJ as the former part of  DBSG (boy band that was in Guinness for the biggest fan club in the world) still holding most fans’ sympathy would still have enough international draw and reputation to at least be fit in the schedule. This issue has a lot going on behind it:

1) “Old Boys Networks” and under-the-table dealings which monopolize and limit the industry
2) Corruption and necessary development in the Asian entertainment system
3) Government’s obsession and misdirection with making Jeju an international tourist hotspot (which my friend and fellow research Grace, who is working on Jeju, would be much more at disposal to expound upon – I’ll be urging her to write something of her own soon)

That’s a lot of ingredients to throw into the soup. Now to the article, from Allkpop.com:

Last week, we reported on KBS’s official explanation as to why JYJ’s appearance on the program, “New Seven Wonders“, was suddenly cancelled. In that statement, KBS argued that SM Entertainment’s SNSD and f(x) were the original performers of the event.

Due to the unceasing uproar of JYJ’s fans, KBS released another official announcement to further clarify their reasoning behind canceling JYJ.

The producer of the show stated on July 28th, “The show was cancelled by the decision of the producers.”

“We received a call on July 15th that SNSD and f(x), who were the initial ambassadors chosen for the program, were eventually able to adjust their schedules for our promotional event.”

“As Jeju is an island, the citizens have a strong desire to experience popular culture, but it’s true that providing such cultural opportunities is limited in Jeju when compared to other cities like Seoul. After receiving confirmations from SNSD and f(x), we believed this program was a good opportunity to bring them performances by big stars.”

He added, “As this show is being broadcast worldwide (72 countries via KBS World), we believed SNSD and f(x) (who toured all the way in Europe recently) would have a greater impact on promoting Jeju for the ‘New Seven Wonders’ initiative. After laying down this judgment, we called JYJ’s agency on July 16th at 9 AM and explained the situation, sincerely apologized, and asked for their understanding.”

He concluded, “The producer of the show holds the authority as to who will perform or be cast for a show, and this decision was made after analyzing which artists would make a greater impact. We are very apologetic for dissatisfying the minds of those who gave their interest and support to this show, and KBS will repay the viewers’ interest with a great Jeju Island special episode.”

Original source: Newsen via Nate

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