[WS] Flower Boy Kim Hyun Joong Admits to a Nose Job

I guess this is the "before" nose.

Not again!! I guess when someone told me everyone has gotten something done, he really meant everyone. While everyone in the entertainment industry is suspect, Kim Hyun Joong was one I thought who had a good shot at being a “natural.” …I’ll just shake my head for a few minutes and then move on.

For those who might not know: Kim Hyunjoong was the former leader of five-member boy band SS501, which was under DSP Entertainment (DSP tends to copy SM Entertainment in a form of combat; SS501 seemed to be their response to SM’s Dong Bang Shin Gi). He was the most popular member, known for his flower boy looks and 4D personality, and his popularity only increased after entering into acting. Now, with a few K-dramas under his belt, he’s endeavoring to take his career to new heights, continuing as a solo act under a new company after SS501’s contract ended almost exactly one year ago.

Kim Hyun Joong Admits to Plastic Surgery for First Time

In a shocking revelation, singer/actor Kim Hyun Joong admitted for the first time to having gone through plastic surgery on Thursday’s MBC “Knee-Drop Guru.”

For his flower boy image and clear-cut features, Kim Hyun Joong carries the nickname “Walking Sculpture.” So during the show, Kang Ho Dong, the MC of “Knee-Drop Guru,” asked Kim Hyun Joong, “Is the ‘Walking Sculpture’ a work of god or a doctor (plastic surgeon)?”

Without much hesitation, Kim Hyun Joong answered, “It’s god-given but the doctor put the finishing touch on it.”

He further explained, “I broke my nose a long time ago after getting hit by a stone. So I got the bones fixed and a little nose job done.” Throughout the interview, he seemed very confident with his looks as he went as far to state, that “I’m very satisfied with my looks. Can’t you just tell? I wouldn’t switch it with Yoo Sae Yoon (the co-host of the show).”

On Thursday’s episode, Kim Hyun Joong also talked about his decision to sign with Key East Entertainment, what it’s like to work with Bae Yong Joong (head of Key East), and thoughts on his growing popularity.

The former SS501 leader has released his first solo mini album “Break Down” on June 7th simultaneously across the entire Asian region. The first showcase for his new album was held yesterday following the release of the MV for “Break Down.”

Source: soompi.com Music News

To be honest and to state it plainly, I don’t like cosmetic plastic surgery. I don’t like the subscription to a mainstream mode of beauty that furthers itself, I don’t think it makes people look better, and for those who are singers, I don’t know why you would do anything that could even possibly affect your sound. I’m not judging or holding it against those who have done it, and I know that there’s an immense amount of pressure and competition, but I just tend to feel at least a little disappointed. Especially for those who are singers, as I view it as compromising the music. However, I do appreciate when they admit to it rather than keep up a front.

Anyway, aside from his pretty boy looks, the boy does have a compelling entertainment personality, as fans of his segment on the variety show “We Got Married” can attest to, and he seems to be an average nice guy compared to people who take celebrity to its heights. Has a frank manner, as evidenced by his admission of going under the knife, and he even spotted and called out a collapsed fan at his recent showcase.

For those who want to see his new image and MV, here’s the video for “Break Down.” Personally, the new look, dance and sound reminds me of Se7en.

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  1. well at least he’s honest about it, not disappointed , cause that does and would not make him less of the person that I admire. At first I liked him for his looks but as time went, I admired the real Kim Hyun Joong, more that the looks but what he is inside, and he’s more beautiful inside that I can attest to everyone. That’s why he’s beautiful, not because he had a nose job, but because its coming from the inside, from what and who is he. No matter how many surgeries you have to achieve a perfect look, if you’re rotten inside, it gonna show, you’ll never be beautiful, ever!

  2. Well, I’ve been thinking about it too… I mean he looks totally different… considering the fact that he had a nose job, he still looks as if he did something more than that… I mean he said it was because he broke his nose, but I think it’s absurd for someone to fix his nose because “Omg, I broke my nose, Ok, then let’s go to have a nose job if it’s going to be fixed at the doctor’s anyway…” I’m a really huge fan of him and I really like him, both his dramas and his songs. I really think his nose was way better before… and something that really caught my attention was that if you take a snapshot of his new face, without hair, just the face and his old face, you’ll realize that maybe it’s really just the nose, but he lost his baby-face and he became more manly… that’s what I think, after looking and about 50-50 photos of his new and old nose and face, taking snapshots of his face, without hair and putting them next to each other… try it if you don’t believe me! :D

  3. I’m glad he lost his baby face. All the more he seems normal to me. After all, he’s already 26yrs old. He looks more manly now. Hehe. He got his nose retouched. So? i put my make up on every single day. I see it the same way since I’m retouching/redoing my face every day. only his is more permanently done than mine. But when he went to PI and sang Heal the World with a bunch of kids, I admired him even more. And he became more beautiful to me. well, ok, handsome then. =) I pray that he will continue to use his gifts in a good way. And for him to always take care of himself the right way.

  4. I think that his former nose shape was way better but i still love him <3 .. my oppa ^^

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